CD2S & FD2S Series AC Servo Driver

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  • Xuất xứ: Trung Quốc
  • Tình trạng: Đặt hàng
  • Model: CD2S & FD2S
  • Bảo hành: 12 tháng
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Miền Nam: 0931103929


Product model: CD412S/422S/432S/612S/622S,FD412S/422S/432S/612S/622S

Power range: 50W~2000W, 1000W~3000W

Power supply voltage: Single phase, three phase 220VAC, three phase 380VAC

■ Main Features


   • CD2S series support pulse, analog control.

   • FD2S series support MODBUS, Canopen and EtherCAT control.

   • Support EASY TUNE auto-tuning function, Can satisfy with most of application's requirements with simple setting in system stiffness.

   • Independent motor brake output interface. Can directly drive motor brake.

   • 24VDC independent power supply for control. Can keep monitoring servo system state after powering off main power supply.

   • Support over-voltage protection, over-current protection, motor over-heat and etc.

   • Support incremental encoder, 24 bit(For maximum) absolute encoder. Maximum working temperature of encoder is 120 degree.

   • All series product coform with CE certification and ROHS environment certification standard.





■ Applicable to Industry


   • Robotics: SCARA robots, DELTA robots, six-joints robots and etc.

   • Package: slitting machine, pillow machine, vertical package manchine and etc.

   • Machine tool: CNC engraving and milling machine, laser cutting and etc.

   • Logistics: Sorting machine, tridimensional warehouse device and etc.

   • Other occasions: High response speed and high positioning precision.





■ Driver Models and Specifications

Series Model Power
Power supply voltage Max continuous
output current
Peak current
Control mode
CD2S series CD412S-AA-000 50/100 AC220V 2 7 Pulse
CD422S-AA-000 200/400/750 4 15
CD422S-AF-000 1000 5 15
CD432S-AA-000 1000~2000 11 27.5
CD612S-AA-000 1500/2000 AC380V 5.5 15
CD622S-AA-000 3000 7 25
FD2S series FD412S-LA-000 50/100 AC220V 2 7 RS485
FD412S-CA-000 CANopen
FD412S-EA-000 EtherCAT
FD422S-LA-000 200/400/750 4 15 RS485
FD422S-CA-000 CANopen
FD422S-EA-000 EtherCAT
FD422S-LF-000 1000 5 15 RS485
FD422S-CF-000 CANopen
FD422S-EF-000 EtherCAT
FD432S-LA-000 1000~2000 11 27.5 RS485
FD432S-CA-000 CANopen
FD432S-EA-000 EtherCAT
FD612S-LA-000 1500/2000 AC380V 5.5 15 RS485
FD612S-CA-000 CANopen
FD612S-EA-000 EtherCAT
FD622S-LA-000 3000 7 25 RS485
FD622S-CA-000 CANopen
FD622S-EA-000 EtherCAT